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They call me the
"Dog Mama"

Animal Handler/chef


Just Like Home 4 Pets was founded in 2011 and has developed over time a very special relationship with my customers and their owners. I believe that being firm and having a clear set of boundaries is one thing, but being forceful or training with fear is just not necessary. I believe that choke collars, or electric shock is outdated-as much has changed and we are constantly learning more about animals. Why not have your pet have trust and love for you to perform and behave.

Dogs, and many other animals, are social animals, who enjoy love and family life. Let’s get them out of the dog house, give them more positive re-enforcement, and turn them into another family member.

I started by fostering and helping rescues. Which led to working with great trainers to going back to school after a previous career to transition to my other love "ANIMALS" 

As well as getting our pets to eating healthier meals as close to nature and their well being. Check out our cuisines.

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