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Introducing a New Baby to Your Pet

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Vizsla Dogs


Not only do we train our pets humanely & with respect -we also believe that proper food make a difference in their behavior and health.
Many people want the high end dog but feed it low end food. They wonder why their pet doesn't like their food, or has tummy issues.
Remember where the dog was historically evolved and born from . Wolves! What did they eat in the wild? Fresh meat, fresh veggies if that and non chemically processed foods. 
“So if you wouldn’t eat their food why should they?”
Well if you want them to live long healthy lives with less trips to the vet and tummy issues they should be eating food that’s real!
Not food constantly on recall lists, ingredients you can’t pronounce or slaughterhouse waste food(which is the majority of what is on the shelves.  Most is processed dried up kibble with chemicals and preservatives.
In our home we feed them true healthy real  home cooked food & treats. We also add to their meals supplements. If we add kibble its Wild Earth for  their veggie needs.
Please read what is on the labels, &  if you cannot pronounce most of the ingredients you might want to think twice before serving. 
We do cook for our clients also! If your interested PM us!

Small Terrier

Tips to Make Dog Walking Fun

To you a walk might not seem like a big deal. But to your pet its "WOWEE "

This is for sure a big treat to leave the same backyard they hang out in. Plus its quality time with their favorite human. It is an extra value reward to them. 

We have some cool tips:

#1-Keep your phone in your pocket to be able to focus on what is ahead of the walk in case of any issues.

#2-Always have a safe non retractable leash, that you can easily react to. (never fishing hook style)

#3-check their collar or harness that is it on right secure and wont pop off their head in a correction, We have seen some crazy accidents with this.

#4- Bring enough poop bags-enough said on that one

Then go ahead and explore. Your pup gets to smell different flowers, and previous walkers. They get to  see different views and maybe meet some fellow pups.

So we suggest besides bringing those environmentally safe poop bags, bring some tasty high value treats.

Use them to praise them when they follow  your commands and when they behave when seeing distractions that might interfere with your time. 

Remember this is their fun time- so let them sniff & sniff extra! Let them meet friendly pups if done right and well mannered.

As always sometimes a really tasty treat is better than a pat on the head "good boy!"

Dogs on a Bench
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